Virtual world renting

With us, builders can share their under utilised beautiful immersive worlds with community users.

Our goal is to bring builders and users together as easily as possible.

To achieve this, we are constantly striving to improve the quality and functionality of our platform. We also do marketing, media work, build partnerships and of course we are your point of contact for problems and questions. We also take care of the entire booking and payment process

Benefit of renting my worlds


You can generate interesting side income


You are part of

supportive community


You support the

growth of metaverse


You highlight

your virtual presence


How does world renting look like?

Whether your world is nested in social vr or any other collaborative platform, for as long as you can allow others to use for it for events/ other purposes, you can rent it out! 

How much will it cost me?

Listing your worlds is free. Costs arise only when you successfully rent out. In the form of a commission on transactions.

How much can i earn?

This would vary based on industry demand , but as well as your engagement with community user.

How is the booking process?

Once request to rent, to keep your effort as small as possible and to protect your privacy, UPWorlds assist in the communication and only with your consent then we will proceed to connect the users to you.

Who can add listing?

UPWorlds allows you as an individual or as a company to rent out your worlds. Community and Organisations are

welcome as well.

Does UPWorlds charge anything?

We charge platform fees 10%. This means that we automatically deduct a commission from your total transaction.

Who defines the price of my world?

You define the price yourself. You enter it manually while creating the listing and you can adjust it at any time. 

Are there any requirements for me?

We try to keep your effort as little as possible.

Ideally, you should be able to manage your booking to make sure community users are taken care of.

Are there any other cost?

Pay-pal fees might apply. Varied for different countries

Who will be renting my world?

Different users in need of optimised & affordable worlds to showcase from their hobby, product/ service to other professional needs

What i do to submit my world for rent ?

You can submit your world here and our team will be in touch with you for the listing process

How you will get paid

The payout is calculated from the booking subtotal.
All payout is done through Paypal, which you need to provide to us when you list your world
You will typically received the payout latest 3 x 24 hours after the first day renter started using the world to ensure the smoothness of their experience as well. 

The calculation of it can be found through the quotation you will receive along with

the rent booking notice. 

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