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Build your immersive portfolio with virtual worlds

Human beings are drawn to stories, which help us make sense of our world by letting us share others’ experiences as though they were our own.  Stories help us learn to feel empathy, most importantly, stories are memorable. 



The value of storytelling extends to how we

present ourselves and our abilities professionally.

Imagine being able to present yourself through a story using virtual worlds ?

brought to you by collaborations with

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Who Are We

What do you get to do here?

You get the experience on how to showcase your portfolio better, to stand out from 1000 others portfolios using virtual worlds. Using a well designed worlds by Metaxu Studio in Mozilla Hubs, we are going to go through a learning, experience and mentorship session on how to do this. Pretty cool huh!!! 😎 

You will have access to mentorship sessions during Design Office Hours in the 
UPWorlds discord , where Metaxu Studio will be assisting and mentoring you how to use different features from Mozilla Hubs to shape your immersive portfolio experience.  We will have 3 batches consisting of 5 people in each, who will be able to experience this individually but also together at the end of the cycle , presenting their work to the rest of the batch 😎 

When is this?

Sign up period :

11 April 2022 - 18 April 2022

Shortlisting period :

18 April 2022 - 20 April 2022

Announcement to batch 1 :

21 April 2022

Batch Start :

22 April 2022

Duration :

3 Weeks

What about the virtual world?

This is a specially designed template by Metaxu studio for portfolio usage. The spaces include a series of media frames that can host square, landscape and portrait images or videos that can be placed by drag - drop - pin.


The aim is to allow flexibility for the curation process.

The environment light can be adjusted following client desire with daylight, night or dusk.


Gallery Image 4.png
Gallery Image 3.png
Gallery Image 2.png

Is this a competition or workshop ?

It is a workshop. 
Nonetheless, in order for you to keep the template, the more creativity, numbers of features used and virtual world experience design you put into your portfolio would be beneficial not only for you but also to Metaxu Studio to iterate on this world in order to showcase even better portfolios in the future. 

That is how we will choose the best in class at the end of the batch 🎉 

How is this useful for me?

Apart from learning how to build a virtual world workshop, you get to build your immersive portfolio at the same time. Not only that, post-event, for those who win, you get to keep the template for future modifications whenever you want 🦄 

Today, virtual world designs are worth hundreds even thousand of dollars but with our collaboration, you get to own one when you win ☝️ 

What are the criteria to join this?

We are open to anyone who are interested in learning how to build immersive portfolio using virtual worlds. 
Ideally if you are a 3D designer, product designer , or experience designer this will be an extension of your skill.
But, don't worry, even if you don't have experience, the mentorship session will help you to learn about this as it will cover different techniques and links to obtain the objects and skills. 

Ready to take the first step into the metaverse?

Applications Closed!
Applications will re-open at the start of the next batch! 

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