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Hello 👋🏼

We're building a discoverability platform that would make the life

of our community builders and users become easier to get involve in metaverse. Come join us!

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Our value & culture

From creators, for creators

We're passionate about the mission in building open connection for the best experience for everyone in building the metaverse

Be kind hearted

We care for people as fellow human beings. This means being kind, empathetic, and inclusive with each other.

Bias to action

We believe in getting things done quickly and iterating, rather than getting it perfect the first time or getting mired in process. 

High ownership

We value the individual that initiate in the name of making it better f and fully own projects.

Ready to get involved ?

As a start up, we are powered by volunteers who support and are passionate about the future of this technology. We need your help. Together we will make a better world ( UPWorlds ) 😉

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