Aint no mountain high enough to pray to the Lord! ⛰️

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

At this time full of challenges, every one of us needs a little bit of prayer from the Lord Almighty. Unfortunately, we can rarely leave our room/house nowadays. I know it’s an intimate session, but we indeed can pray more solemnly if we are in the right place. Right?

Chedders, created a lush green, and dreamy landscape where people can absorb their surroundings, a world where people can just jump to and pray together or on their own if they wanted to Named Prayer’s Breeze, you can see the vast blue skies with green fields. Either roaming through the pathway, walk your way towards the highest peak of the cliff, or enjoy the company of animals, which can give you the sense of solace that will amplify the serenity and calmness.

This world also provides a small activity corner, where visitors can play with ball and hoops before or after the praying session or mingle with other visitors.

You indeed will be lost in your thoughts when you are standing right in the middle of the fields, seeing the mountain right in front of the hut.

Nested in AltspaceVR, The praying sessions themselves are scheduled every Tuesday/Thursday from 8 PM PST until 11 PM - as a small group of Californians come willing and kindly pray for anyone who is needed. Chedders, the world owner, also present in the session. You can also read the Bible verses that might be a revelation for your situation.

One of my favorite activities is just walking to the cliff sitting on top of the beautiful sea banks, listening to the wind blow, and having a silent prayer. If you squint your eyes long enough, you can see dozens of floating islands that create an even more surreal feeling.

Overall, it is a world that makes you escape for a moment, having a prayer with a small group of people, and feeling blessed. There’s always a time for us to pray, either when we’re facing challenges or just being grateful for things we have right now, can I get an amen up in here? 🙏

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