Celebrating Halloween in virtual worlds 🎃

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

A Scarily Good Time in UPWorlds

'Tis the season of ghostly, entire things!

Of seething witches, pumpkins and scary wings

Gather round as I regale a tale

Haunting day's gone but my tale sure ain't stale.

'Twas a season we adventured and feared

Alas, a plague appeared

That has yet to be cleared

Into our homes we disappeared

A treasured experience interfered

Oh where could we get our thrills?

How could we get our chills?

Our minds whirled

The answer is UPWorlds!

Now that our ode to Halloween is done, step right up and let me tell you how VR offers a scarily good time!

Want to experience that visceral fear of a chainsaw wielding madman chasing you down the streets at Halloween Horror Nights from the comfort of your own home? The groans of the decaying undead as they shamble towards you? Don't want to pay the costs associated with such an event?

VR has got you covered! Break down the barrier between virtual and physical as you step into the realm of the supernatural, engage all your senses and immerse yourself in a whole new space. It may be an artificial environment, one we're fully aware isn't real, but oh, the delicious emotions and frights it elicits. That's the magic of VR!

Do you dare experience the haunted house in VR? (Image taken from Karnivore’s World)

And now that I have regaled the wondrous horrors VR can inflict, let's recount the season of scares here in UPWorlds!

In celebration, our resident ghoulish builders here at UPWorlds, Jose and Scott have built their own Halloween themed worlds. As part of the list of commissioned builders here on UPWorlds, they are imbued with the ability to build these festive worlds for you too! Let’s look at what they’ve built for this special season.

Jose went with the macabre, recreating classic horror scenes. Transverse the foggy pathways, explore the decrepit graveyard and abandoned church. Who knows what you will find there?

Explore the graveyard. What secrets will you find there? (Image from Jose’s world at UPWorlds)

The path to the abandoned church. (Image from Jose’s world at UPWorlds)

Scott, on the other hand, took a more lighthearted approach and customised his current world to fit the festive theme. Take a look at Scott’s World! Ever wanted to experience Halloween in a monastery decked out with retro '80s furnishings? Well, Scott made it all possible. Celebrate Halloween in the grooviest way possible. Groove to the beat as the ghosts within the walls silently judge your horrible dance moves.

Celebrate a groovy Halloween (Image from Scott’s world at UPWorlds)

Alas, this is where I must end my tale of a frightening good time here at UPWorlds, a platform where you can discover worlds like these.

Want a custom world built or rent a festive world for your next activity👻🎃 Holler at us!

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