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Updated: Oct 17, 2021

For an intricate concept like worldbuilding in a metaverse, it’s still challenging for most newcomers to gather info other than through tech literature. “I am interested in future industries such as creating new jobs and various incomes by combining new technologies like VR, in short” says Ismall, a South Korea based worldbuilder.

His first encounter with the VR industry was in 2014, where he wanted to cultivate a VR culture in Korea. He met with various figures from VR companies and developed projects that incorporated the latest tech. As a worldbuilder, he craves to explore the vast possibility of VR worlds. “I also searched for various inspiration and references by looking at the works of other builders,” he explains. “I'm interested in becoming an architect as a world designer but, I want to achieve something bigger.”

Aside from endless possibilities and references that spread around us, Ismall seeks inspiration that is still grounded in reality. “Let's not think too hard. Most of my inspiration comes from reality. Mixing a little imagination with references will give you a very good product,” he adds. It shows through his world, a mix between a modern and relaxing environment with a dash of staycation vibes. You can feel the glistening refreshing water through the clear pond of his ModernHouse#2.

One of the bedrooms in Ismall's Modern House 2

However, he strives to build a better metaverse world. He found the most challenging part comes from the engine restrictions that hinder him from creating a truly immersive world. Nonetheless, this has become a hurdle that needs to be handled by a skilled problem solver - as organizing and building the world is very difficult. "There are various technologies to build the world, but the most problematic thing at the moment is inept graphics and immersion."

Many VR games are released through platforms like Steam, yet the quality is varied and has left VR users feeling disappointed. It comes from the heavy production, demand, and meeting user's expectations. However, as a foundation, the possibilities are endless for the user to navigate and decorate the world. "Although most people want to decorate their imagery world with something of the past, fantasy, cyberpunk, or future that is distinctively them," he explains. "But actually, you want to explore a believable world that is different enough and can cater to your desires to possess an exquisite world."

"Imagine that you can own a famous designer virtual space, that is affordable, easy to decorate for enjoying parties, relaxing, and invite your friends," Ismall says. "In short, we focus on building and selling buildings we want to live in in the future or buildings we cannot live in."

Thus, bridging the needs of our users with the worldbuilders to continuously create a new world is necessary. In maintaining DLCs and servicing in the future, collaboration and support must come from many sides - both from the community and government institutions.

We can take a sneak peek at Ismall's world on his Youtube channel, as many people can digest the VR concept through video. This is also part of his sales strategy and brand image. He hopes that most people who enjoy exploring the metaverse are aware of Ismall as a brand. "It's just beginning.

In the future, we will create an amazing space with more amazing buildings, objects, and a real scanning world," he adds. We can also explore some of his works through his YouTube channel.

A screen-capture of Ismall's youtube page

There are a few tips from Ismall for new worldbuilders to consider before creating their world:

1. Always aim for the best graphics card that can run on desktop PCs with ease (the PC market grows every year).

2. Insert real-time effect.

3. Ideas that fit the world’s concept.

4. Add new functions that are convenient for user customization.

5. Optimization to maintain a high frame.

6. Devices that can be purchased and rented.

7. Differentiation from other designers as part of your brand image as a worldbuilder.

8. Produce intriguing videos or photos to build excitement from users.

For new builders, he encourages them to focus on planning and creating the worlds from a user's point of view. "There is no correct answer. I think the VR market will grow faster if we strive to create a world of high quality that you can at least appreciate."

You can collaborate with Ismall to build a hyper-realistic world for your event/activity through UPWorlds, as we are supporting world builders to deliver great worlds for commissioned builds. Let's contact us and collaborate for venturing into a braVR new world! 🚀

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