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Updated: Nov 26, 2021

We are currently living in a world where technologies have changed our lives predominantly, as metaverse is not just another sci-fi lexicon. It is here! 🚀 An endless possibility that lies to be explored, where many talented individuals have risen as a builder and creator. As an experienced builder, what would you like to know when you first started this building journey? In a collaboration with our Build Advisory Experts team from UPWorlds Design Office Hours, we compile a list of FAQs for new-bielders 👶🏼🛠 who are looking to dip their feet into the industry ❤️

What is a metaverse builder?

They are creators & artists that are pioneering building in virtual reality space by developing virtual environments and virtual items that can be used in the space. UPWorlds is a community for metaverse builders.

Why do we build in the metaverse?

It is the next disruptive way for creators to deliver new content, new experiences and new activities on the internet of the future! Building in the metaverse is a democratized, scalable and sustainable way to build virtual economies for creators in future.

What are all the things I can build in the metaverse?

It is important to consider who you're building the world for and on what platform. The Metaverse and the XR industry is very young. There are a few people already using headsets that have experienced VR worlds, they would be up to experiencing new spatial typologies. But most people have barely any idea of what to expect from a VR world, for that reason, it is good practice to build a world that they can relate to with architectural elements from the physical world.

What is worldbuilding?

We need to differentiate between the digital twin and world-building. Making a digital twin is copying an existing building from the physical world into the digital world. Worldbuilding describes the creation of new worlds. Worldbuilders started to work in cinema production long before the term Metaverse was part of the zeitgeist.

For instance, the film Minority Report demonstrates an expanding world designed by Alex McDowell. He is the director of the worldbuilding institute since 2007. "World Building designates a narrative practise in which the design of a world precedes the telling of a story; the richly detailed world becomes a container for narrative, producing stories that emerge logically and organically from its well-designed core."

What is an interactable item?

Objects in VR are divided into 2 categories, those you can move and grab freely and those which are static. An interactable object is an object that someone can grab and manipulate as they want. An example may be a laser pointer or a lightsaber that can be used within the world to deliver a more immersive experience.

Does it take coding knowledge to build interactable items?

Basic knowledge of coding is required to build, nonetheless with a powerful platform like Unity, which automates many of the coding processes, you can almost build anything you want without having to hardcode anything. Unity takes care of most of the coding for you.

Where can I build?

You can build worlds in a plethora of social and collaborative platforms. Some of the social VR platforms are AltspaceVR, VRChat, Mozilla Hubs, Sansar and Horizon. The platforms you can build on, are those which support User Generated Content (UGC). For comparing Platforms, you can use this tool:

Where can I learn how to build?

Most technical and software questions can find answers on the web, and youtube. Just ensure your keywords are appropriate. If you are looking to build for a particular platform, or with a specific 3D software, search using that keyword. However, one consistent aspect across all platforms is environment building. Great immersion can elevate a good world to a great world. Take a look at some of the best worlds out there and learn through trying! A world is composed of many parts: environment (sky, time of day), lighting, buildings (3Dmodels), materials (textures), intractable (objects), platform features. There is no answer at all. It is a complex process that requires many skills. Inspiration can be taken from film, photography, painting, sculpting, and nature.

What if I don’t have a design background, can I still build?

You don't need to have a design background, various people will approach VR with all sorts of expertise. Building a world in VR requires many skills, such as a sound designer, storyteller, painter, sculpture, or even a teacher or anyone that would like to share his or her knowledge. This is why it is important to be part of a community such as UPWorlds where you can find someone with complementary skills to build a world together.

What software is easiest to design my worlds in?

The easiest way to start is with Mozilla Hubs and all the free assets from Sketchfab. To create something custom made in 3D, Sketchup is a good way to start but brings its challenge when exporting a mesh. Rhino is another great software to design curved surfaces> Blender (open-source) is a complete 3D software that can be used to texture and bake 3D models before exporting them in GLBs (standard format for the WebXR). If you look at building on a proprietary platform such as VRchat, you will have to use the game engine Unity3D! Other platforms such as Recroom and Horizon have their own system.

Which is the best platform?

Every platform has a different set of features and different audiences. We encourage you to visit the different platforms, take part in events and experiences and observe the differences in behaviours and features in each platform. We can't experience the VR world before starting to build our own. You can see some platform references from UPWorlds to see which build vibe and activities appeal to you the most.

Is there any place I can download assets if I don't know how to model an object?

You can use Kitbash or Sketchfab! Be careful though, these free assets can be all over the place in terms of the number of polygons and materials. Make sure to only take the optimised ones and check what are the platform specifications.

How long does it normally take to become a builder?

It takes as long as you need to become familiar with the tools and for you to be satisfied with what you have designed! After that, you can upload it and there you go :) you're a world builder.

How can I earn money being a builder?

You can rent out your world for anyone to use for a price at UPWorlds or, you can be commissioned to build a world through our commission builder feature as long as you pass the experienced builder screenings.

Hopefully, we’ve covered your most itching questions relating to the metaverse and the collaboration with UPWorlds. If you have any further questions, join us at Design Office Hours and our expert will be more ready to share their experience to get yourself ready for an amazing experience as a builder! 🔨

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