Introducing Microsoft Mesh ✨ - Mixed Reality platform powered by Azure

Tuesday, 3rd March 2021 - Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Mixed Reality Technical Fellow Alex Kipman, get in front of one of Altspace most attended event, introducing Microsoft’s vision for the future of Mixed Reality that is made possible by the Microsoft cloud.

This event has got 2 part, one is the actual auditorium world and second, is the Microsoft Lobby World. The RSVP for this event reached about 4000 more, marking it one of the most wanted event in Altspace so far.

Microsoft Mesh is a service to build apps for people to collaborate in augmented reality. Kipman appeared on the Ignite virtual stage as a fully realized holoportation of himself, narrating the show’s opening experience in real time as rays of light that simulated his physical body.🥺❤️

“This has been the dream for mixed reality, the idea from the very beginning,” said Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman. “You can actually feel like you’re in the same place with someone sharing content or you can teleport from different mixed reality devices and be present with people even when you’re not physically together.”

James Cameron, the filmmaker and ocean explorer, and John Hanke, CEO and founder of leading augmented reality company Niantic, Inc., also joined Kipman remotely to spotlight how Microsoft Mesh is helping them create shared experiences across the virtual and physical worlds.

Laliberté chatted with Kipman about a new collaboration to help Lune Rouge, another company Laliberté founded, realize a project called Hanai World. It’s a social mixed reality platform that he’s thought about for years — which would connect live and digital entertainment experiences into single events — but only now have technologies like Microsoft Mesh caught up with that vision. ✨🌎

Built on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Microsoft Mesh also benefits from Azure’s enterprise-grade security and privacy features, as well as its vast computational resources, data, AI and mixed reality services. It is so amazing to see how the interactions turns out to be. We can transport worlds, without having to go through a portal. ✨

The most amazing part is that when we are done with the event, we jump to the lobby world to network , and we found so many people in one room. Altspace normally have got maximum capacity of 50 people/room , but here in this world .. they optimised it for much more people to be here at the same time, it feels really beautiful and nice to be able to share this experience with so many people there ! ❤️

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