Virtual Karaoke Night !! 🗣🎙

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Do you like Karaoke and Open Night Mic ? People whom fancy these surely have felt how different it is, to do this since the pandemic start .. We used to be able to get together with our love ones and friends to sing together and express our joy for this! But last Tuesday, was a different Tuesday than any other .. 4 of our us, which is a complete stranger initially ended up in this 1980s Club Worlds . AT first this world, looks small and just like any other worlds. This world is filled with 80s movie poster, old pac man games machine, a phone booth as part of the accessories. You might find yourself being travelled back to 80-90s small town pub.

At one corner of the room, We spot the jukebox, that is connected youtube playlist. The first song we choose was Africa by Toto. When the song starts, 4 of us went up on the stage. Two of us was on the front mic as a singer, one as a drummer and another as a guitarist. We were all in a form avatar, which means we have more room to express ourselves and our flaws in this worlds without worrying about being judge. So everyone literally sang their heart out.

One of the thing we find extra ordinary in this world is that, there are two small screen on the stage in front of the singers eyes , that was matched with the juke box songs .. It showed the lyrics like a real karaoke. Something that we do not have in other world , at least up to this point.

That made us feel even more free to express ourselves. The second song that went down on the floor, was Thriller by Michael Jackson.. we even did the famous thriller dance together .. 🤩🤩

It was insanely fun .. In the middle of the song, some of us forget theWe had few people coming and going in the world, some watched us, some sang along , some even join us on the stage as singer, guitarist or drummer !! 🤹🏼‍♀️❤️

The world owner was there, he too enjoyed and helped us to choose different songs, the whole experience was just heart warming and so much fun without leaving our own space.

Looking forward to how this world will evolve to be soon !!

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