Planning an activity in virtual worlds?? 😳 - HOW?? 😱

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Virtual activities come in several kinds such as seminars or workshops, where people form an audience and there will be a question and answer session. Remote Event has been nothing but awesome, but now we are looking for something more immersive to hold out activities. and this could be a good time we say goodbye to a boring 2D zombie staring contest between us and our laptop screen and hello to Virtual Reality 🥽😎

Doing a virtual event is not as hard as in the early 2000s. In this era, with current technology, it is a fact that holding an event is much easier than ever. You can attend or even hold many activities based on your specific interests such as music, education, or even spirituality. In Virtual Reality, activities can be pulled out more interesting, since we can interact in 3D with other people, and that create presence! We want that, period ❤️ Many of you are probably wondering about how you can hold a virtual event? So, Let's dive deeper into how to host an event in virtual reality, shall we? 🤓The rising technology may give you the scare to hold your activity here! From what activity is possible, where, and how to do it? Don't worry, UPWorlds 🚀✨ got you covered!!

Let us follow these simple steps to get you on-boarded so you can host your first activity in metaverse 🚀

1. Decide On The Activity

This is essential when it comes to holding a virtual event. You should clearly define what activities that you want to host and bring to the public. If you already have the type of activity in mind, awesome!!! 🚀 But if you don’t you can find a list of popular virtual activities through UPWorlds. Browse through them and see what interest you the most 😉🛸

2. Define The Numbers of Audience

Once you are through with the type of activity, now is the time to define the numbers of audience you would like to have. Why is this important? Well, holding virtual events is just like holding events in a physical space, physical venues have a maximum number of people that can fit into the room. This applies to metaverse worlds as well.

Different worlds, platforms and facilities will have different world capacities. Maximum numbers are used to ensure the optimisation of the world, so people have good user experience. Pay attention to different capacities for different worlds. Deciding on the number of people you want to invite for your events will definitely be one of the important decisions to make before you move forward.

Through UPWorlds, you don't have to spend so much time browsing through all the social platforms and spotting them one by one, you can just find them through the search functions and voila! ✨ You will get the available worlds you can rent based on the number of invitees you would like to have.

3. Choose The Platform

After deciding the audience capacity, now we proceed to check which platforms can support our needs. Some people have a favourite platform, but some others are open to what’s out there as long as it delivers the experience of the event they want to hold.

Understanding your target audience will definitely help a lot here!! Such as collating what kind of device they have, do they own any VR device or what kind of laptop they have, Mac or Windows ? For instance, Mozilla hub can be used on Windows, Mac, Mobile & VR headset Altspace can be used on Windows, Mac & VR headset, while VRChat only available for VR headset & Windows.

In UPWorlds, you can find optimised worlds from different platforms available in the community. Say bye jumping from one platform to another, and say Hello 👋🏼 to the simplified search functions that allows you to discover and rent what you need in a minute 😎

4. Choose your worlds

Last but not least, we get to the most interesting immersive part!! Choosing the world. In virtual reality, the world is one of the most important things. World shapes up more than 50% of the virtual experience, adding the sense of immersiveness by plausibility. With all the information you have decided above, now let's find the perfect world for your activity. UPWorlds allows you to spend less time jumping from one to another platform finding perfect worlds. You can find everything here, and the amazing thing, is that they are fully optimised and ready for you to rent out 🤩

If you want to hold a special event and need a custom world build? Well, worry not, you can also find someone to build it specially for you and your brands 😎 Choosing world wisely based on your activity will make your event more alive and memorable 🚀✊🏼

Now, are you ready to jump into the metaverse?? You might even fall in love with hosting activity in VR 😉 Well, “might” is an understatement, but trust us on this. We live in metaverse 🤩

Well, what are you waiting for? Discover your needs and book now through UPWorlds! 🚀✨ Let the party start! 🤩🥳

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