"Saying Goodbye" 👋❤️by EvolVR 🌎

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

As obvious as it is from the name, this event is for people to Come and Say Goodbye to What You Have Lost -- People, Hopes, Events that won't happen. This event is hosted by the very world's first VR Sangha and Spiritual community, EvolVR

On a daily basis, they offer free meditation and create a safe space for spiritual community in VR. Saying Goodbye happens to be one of their events that allow people to grieve in a healthier manner.

It is very funny how i found this event, it's almost like it's meant to be. ❤️

3 weeks ago , on one not so fine morning, i found myself having to go through an event where i'm forced to acknowledge a grieve feeling, and of course me being me.. i tried to shove that feeling down and go ahead with my daily activities.

Luckily that morning, I had more flexible time to surf into Altspace to entertain myself away from the thoughts. Guess what, the first event that appear on my dashboard is " Saying Goodbye " 👋

I was curious what the event was, so I jumped into the event and found myself being transported into this amazing world of Japanese sanctuary gardens. The world looks so peaceful, quiet and warm. I can see many fireflies flying around against the dark blue sky. For some reason, I feel like I can breathe freely.

This world is an extended version of Zen Garden world, made by the talented Alan #BLM. He is one of the talented world builders that I personally have a soft spot for the most of the worlds he built.

Right across the house, there's a big back garden yard where I see people gathering in a circle. So I made my way towards the crowd to hear what they were talking about, and that's where i met the 2 lovely session leaders , Caelen and tbn32.

At first I wasn't very comfortable to even move closer, as you can see from the angle of the picture, I stood myself a little part away from the circle. The session leader was going around in a circle , giving the loudspeaker to each one of us who would like to speak. It is so lovely he always started with " thank you for coming, if you have anything to share feel free to do so, but otherwise feel free to listen and share when you like" .

As the session started, people started pouring their heart out under the peaceful scenery of the world with birds chirping in the background from a distance . My heart sank when I listened to each of their stories. Their soft sob trembles me. Honestly I did not jump into this event to share anything, but everyone there was so supportive, the people, the leaders and the environment was so that everyone was just very comfortable in sharing their thoughts vulnerably. It is just beautiful.

Being in the right environment and people contribute a lot to the feeling of being present. if you join a suitable event with the correct world background, you will find yourself being drowned in a personal feeling that might enlighten you afterward.

Either join a session or just sit down quietly in the garden, your inner psyche will absorb the surroundings' calmness. You can also sit inside the Japanese-style cottage and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your trusted confidant, if you'd like. ❤️❤️

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