Part II - Planning an activity in Metaverse 😎✨

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Okay, you have decided to plan an activity that you would like to do this weekend virtually. The stage is set. You have already chosen a world on a platform, sent invitations to your close friends, and wanna have fun. Hold your horses! Like organizing an event in the real world, there are still other details that we need to prepare or decide - whether it’s just for small gatherings, seminars, workshops, or virtual parties.

Previously we have shared the tips and tricks to planning activity in virtual worlds inside UPWorlds 🚀. Here are additional steps that you can consider to make your metaverse invitee get on board without any hassle!

1. Write simple instructions 🗒

The thing that people tend to forget is adding the details to their invitation. It might be easier if you are planning an event within your metaverse community. But if we want to invite a more general audience with the possibility they don't have a VR Headset, you should remind them to install the platform app first on their PC/Mac. 🥽

2. Schedule the event rundown 📅

There are some details to be considered when you are scheduling an event. First, decide the type of content for the event. Is it a well-structured activity like seminars/talk shows, or is it just a fun gathering where people can mingle without digesting any informative content? By considering this, you can prepare whether your event needs a moderator, prizes, or even an ice warming session. The use of rundown might sound strict, but it can help you lead the invitees to enjoy a well-flowing event.

Second, prepare the screens for the events - either using video content, PowerPoint presentations, both, or none. This media presentation can make your invitee delve deeper into the metaverse and immerse themself into the activity. Like in a concert, you should calibrate the screen firsthand, check the audio quality, and make sure everyone can enjoy the content.

3. Check the world capacity 🏟️

It is always exciting when we are planning an event. But the bigger question is - does it match with the world's capacity? We tend to be captivated with a detailed large cool looking metaverse, but it might deter us from the event's goal. Imagine you're holding a seminar with a large capacity world. The invitee might get easily distracted by their surroundings. Always decide a world based on the capacity to optimize the experience immersion.

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed? Worry not! We got you covered. 😉 Here are some of the captivating metaverse inside UPWorlds based on their capacity that might be well suited to your activity.

If you are holding a more intimate activity, House on the Ocean will always welcome you. With a house floating on an endless ocean, you can enjoy an indoor cozy meeting room with a capacity of 14 guests. As they also add a secret cabin.

Living Room in House On The Ocean

For a medium group activity, there will always be Hiroshige 36 - a vintage train cabin. 🚂 Great for small gatherings and social events, this metaverse can accommodate 20 guests for an endless journey.

The cabin in Hiroshige 36

If you are yearning for a more intergalactic metaverse to hold your party, Madana Longue can become the setting. Known as the playground to the nobility of the Perseus Arm, it sits in the shallow oceans of Amaranthine. With the world's capacity of 50 guests, your imagination is the limit! 🤩

The Madana Lounge

Lastly, a world that will quench your thirst for something outlandish. We welcome you to the Lunar Capital 2018, a metaverse that is so vast it can hold guests in a big group. Imagine Neo-Tokyo on the Moon, bathed in orange light overlooking the earth. Now, your homework is to organize a killer event to match the grandness of this metaverse. ✊🏼

4. Manage your interactable 🎸

The more interactive your event, the more alive and memorable it will be. It might sound gimmicky, but it also can be a more immersive experience for your guess. You can achieve this with the interactable inside the world - such as laser pointers, party wear, ball, among other things. There are ways to prepare for it, like by checking and choosing the right amenities within the world. You will be surprised by how it can enhance your immersive experience.

Alternatively, you also can ask the world builders about the interactable availability in their metaverse. As an example, this Beckwith Inn also includes party kits - especially in the DJ room.

Party Area in Beckwith Inn

Organizing an event inside a metaverse can be too daunting for most of us. But if we make a simple checklist, it is as fun as preparing a birthday party for our friend. Here in UPWorlds, you can rent any world you like and host the event with ease. With many selections of metaverse that you can choose, it depends on the activity you are hosting - for a party and meeting new friends or just an intimate viewing with your family.

Like the proverb, “Preparedness is the key to success and victory.” Jumping into a metaverse is easy. Taking a deep dive into the metaverse and hosting an event can be so much easier - if it is well-planned. So now, grab your goggles, book through UPWorlds, send your invitations, and let us have a memorable event! 🤩 😎

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