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Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Who doesn't love to travel? During the holidays, traveling is one of the most popular activities that millennials choose to spend their days off. 😍 Well, we agree it can boost our happiness, right?

Strolling around a new city, meeting new people, going on a new adventure, those are things that have made traveling a go-to activity for us but we know time is something that becomes a barrier. No worries, it isn't anymore with the help of technology! Yay!

Luckily, technology today has allowed us to experience travel without having to be there physically, and what makes the experience different between being there in person and seeing them on video is the first-person experience. This is where the metaverse, Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR), come into the picture.

An immersive world with realistic content will enhance the audience's imagination and allow them to enjoy the location through an amazing first-person experience which is like being there in the first place.

VR tourism is a new frontier that is yet to be adopted into the mainstream. Youtube and other major content hosting services are growing their repositories of 360° video content. However, unlike conventional travel which is typically associated with freedom, current video content only allows you to view what has been recorded for you to see.

Another use case of bringing tourism into virtual reality is showcasing famous landmarks like the Louvre. This was done by turning the building into a usable space for different activities such as for art exhibitions, music concerts, or simply a place where you can hang out with your friends.

A world inspired by the Musée du Louvre

In UPWorlds, we have 2 worlds which are re-creations of ancient Greek landmarks. In reality, these landmarks are ruins and a shadow of their former glory.

Through detailed investigation of historical records, these worlds have painstakingly re-created the Ancient Athens Agora and the Ancient Athens Acropolis complete with historical notes to enlighten you on your self-guided tour. Should you wish to view the monument from the right while your companion wishes to view the same monument from the left, both parties can move as they wish just as in reality.

A historical recreation of the Ancient Athens Agora

Through virtual reality, we can have an extension window to experience this different worlds, UPWorlds is the place for you to discover a lot of activities through metaverse & discover the worlds to create your desired activities in these places. Imagine walking around in Japan, Hongkong or New York...Dare we say, this may become your new hobby 😎😍

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