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Updated: Dec 8, 2021

The Metaverse. Does that term sound familiar? It should be. Ever since Facebook, now rebranded as Meta, announced their ambitious new initiative- construct the Metaverse- the internet has been abuzzed with fiery discussion. Reactions have ranged from wild optimism to outright condemnation, with articles written hailing it the next technological leap forward or declaring it "dead or arrival".

While questions may still linger, here at UPWorlds, we truly believe in the power of the Metaverse. UPWorlds is dedicated to helping you, our users, chart your own journey into this magical space. How, you may ask? Well, let's get started!

What IS the Metaverse really? 🤔

Let's start with the very basics. What even is the Metaverse? Coined by author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel "Snow Crash", he envisioned a world where humans interacted in avatar forms within a virtual space, one which mimicked the real world. The term now refers to the convergence of physical, virtual and augmented reality in a shared online space. It has been 29 years since then and Stephenson's vision is now a near reality.

The current state of Metaverse- An exciting mess 😱

Meta's foray into creating the Metaverse is not a new phenomenon. Some of us older folk (myself included) may remember Second Life, arguably the internet's first attempt at the Metaverse. While Second Life is still kicking, this space has now been dominated by other recent virtual platforms such as Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite. Many companies are also jumping on the bandwagon, with Tencent, Microsoft and Epic games all expressing their interest in building their own Metaverse. Perhaps even YOU are also thinking of jumping on. You might be asking yourself, "But where do I even begin? What are the platforms, tools and resources to even get started?" Well, that's what UPWorlds is here for!

How UPWorlds can help you! 🤩

We understand how frustrated and intimidated a newcomer to the space might feel. Here at UPWorlds, we are committed to getting you into the amazing world of the Metaverse.

UPWorlds serves as an integrated hub, bringing builders, platforms, tools and enthusiasts together. Not too long ago, we welcomed Gather.town- a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human- onto our platform and we're always on the lookout to bring you more of such partnerships! Wish to hone your skills and learn from the masters? Hop onto our discord channel and join the tutorials conducted by our commissioned builders! In fact, our very talented builder, Elevons, recently held a live tutorial on lighting and optimization. Our channel is also the place to interact, meet and chill with other enthusiasts as well! Want to explore virtual worlds? UPWorlds has got that covered too. Browse from a selection of worlds created by our very own community!

A snapshot of some of the worlds you can explore here on UPWorlds

We understand how fluid this space is and are always working hard to provide you with the best experience.Stay tuned for more as we continue to bring you more collaborations! Start your journey into the Metaverse with UPWorlds today!

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