Virtual Valentine Day Flock Party! ❤️🌹

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Who said you need to stay alone during quarantine on Valentines Day ?

Whether you've got a sweetie or flying solo, The Flock present their 1st annual Valentine party to rock your heartstrings this weekend!

The world is made with the mood of valentines, with shades of pink everywhere. It had a huge dance floor area with two sides of cozy and beautiful outdoor area, where people can go to if they need a more quieter place away from the loud song..

Not forgetting, a virtual bar at the end of the room, where people can pick up their drinks .. from Martini to shots .. 🍸🍹🥃

Everyone was either in a group or coupled on the dance floor to dance or just talk .. They put on a full six hours of killer DJs, the occasional love song, and dim lights. It was so fun swinging from rave songs to slow dance song. You can see how everyone adjust their dancing pace following the music ❤️

There are about 100 people that are divided into 2 rooms, since Altspace has got a limit of 50 people per room to maintain the performances of the worlds. Although, you can pick which room would you like to be in, as long as that world is not fully occupied.

This party is hosted by The Flocks, they are a group of people who throws different type of entertainment in different worlds in Altspace and oh boy, do they know how to throw a good party .. We can see how this gives a lot of laughters to so many people .. it was beautiful ❤️

One of the most heartwarming thing, around 00:00 we can send an anonymous message to anyone in the room.. all we need to do is find one of The Flock member , and chat them using the recipient user name and the message you want to convey .. and they will send it over to that person .. isn't that just cute , a Secret Cupid 😉🌹

Had a lot of fun in this worlds , and definitely looking forward to be joining the next parteyy !!

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