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Join date: Jul 29, 2021


I am an experienced video game and virtual reality designer with a passion for social VR. I have over 12 years experience between LucasArts, Electronic Arts, Heavy Iron as a video game designer and 9 years of VR design. In 2013 I started to explore Virtual Reality as I co-founded Emblematic Group where I got "hands on" experience leading teams and producing multiple VR titles. Between 2017 and 2020, I was the lead designer at SPACES, (now a part of Apple) where I designed and built multiple location based VR game experiences within the Terminator and Monster Hunter franchises.

Most recently I have discovered Social VR, and I have to say I'm hooked. As a level designer and VR designer, having the ability to design, build and publish worlds them immediately see community reaction is truly rewarding. I really do see Social VR as the next great platform (think Ready Player One) and I intend to be there to see this platform thrive!