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So, what on earth are we doing here?

UPWorlds is a portfolio marketplace for metaverse builders​

What is metaverse builders here ? Well.. it include creator that builds avatars, virtual worlds, SDKs to support the growth and adoption of the metaverse in virtual reality platforms. We mostly cater to virtual worlds, nonetheless we welcome people who has skill to complete the metaverse experience to support builders too!!

What's the benefit of joining UPWorlds?


Home to all worlds

UPWorlds is platform agnostic, worlds of all shapes, styles, and sizes do well on UPWorld – from an industrial space loft to Mars.  After all, it’s the diversity that makes UPWorlds special.


Meet your type of people

We are a community led product.

Get the opportunity to connect with builders across the platforms to collaborate & to build more creative and groundbreaking creations.


Make an Impression

We are constantly updating our creators economy tool - from renting, selling worlds and listing them down through creator portfolio page which also include hiring verticals called commission builders​


We are here for you

We are continuously building the best experience for our platform.


We are ready to help wherever you are.

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We have put together couple of reading materials that will inspire your experience as builders! Check it out!

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Want to use UPWorlds as your portfolio to take advantage of the creators economy tools , build your virtual presence and earn side income ?
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Have you been building amazing worlds or creations & want to share it to others to use it ?

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Our invite only community discord are built with builders from various platform where we support each other.  Join us ❤️